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5-Day Forecast: 4/6-4/10/2024: Snow no More

Good Morning Cardinals, Happy Friday!

This week has had some absolute crazy weather. Flood warnings with thunderstorms on Monday & Tuesday, then snow with mixed rain on Wednesday & Thursday. I’d say we need readjustment of direction on this National Read a roadmap Day (According to the National Calander)!

For today (4/5/24) We’re looking at a pretty gloomy day with clouds & scattered showers (30%) with only a high of 46 °F. A tad bit breezy with winds blowing north-northwest at 10-13 mph & gusts as high as 20 mph. Tonight temperatures drop almost 20° with a low of 28°F. Scattered showers still continue but looking mainly at early morning Saturday (2 am) we’re caught with widespread frost initiating a FREEZE WATCH from early Saturday morning to around 10 am that same day.

Looking at our weekend forecast we see the temperatures are starting to go up again. Saturday looking to be sunny and beautiful with a temperature high of 53°F, maybe even pushing that. Sunday being partly sunny with a chance of showers throughout the day. A small bit of frost before 8 am but will melt continuing on with the day. Our high, even warmer than Saturday, of 55°F. Beautiful weather for a nice walk or maybe even a bike ride. Sunday night could be a bit troublesome with a chance of showers & thunderstorms (50%). Mostly clouds and a bit breezy with winds blowing 20 mph and gusts as high as 24 mph.

Taking a peek at our Eclipse Day, we see the skies look pretty promising for a visual. Mostly sunny with some clouds, stunning temperatures, 70°F, potentially even pushing that. Winds, pretty moderate blowing south southeast around 13 mph and gusts only reaching 20 mph. For Monday evening a slight chance of showers & thunderstorms (20%) before 2 am.

Tuesday & Wednesday a bit gloomy for our liking. Showers and thunderstorms for most of Tuesday (30%). Partly cloudy with a high of 69°F if rain comes within our system. For the evening, we see a slighter increase in rain & thunderstorms raising our chances of (40%). Mostly overcast for that night. Heading into Wednesday, it’ll be mostly cloudy with a high of 67°F & a (50%) chance of showers. Wednesday night the chances of showers & thunderstorms also increases to (60%). Keep those raincoats & Umbrellas handy for next week. Don’t forget to grab a pair of eclipse glasses, available almost anywhere on Ball State Campus. Enjoy the Solar Eclipse!

-Cardinal Weather Service Weather Forecaster Rachel Fulton-

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