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5 Day Forecast. 2/17/2024-2/21/2024: Cold –> Warm

Happy Friday Cardinals! We’re finishing the week very roughly with snow and much cooler temperatures than what we’ve been more familiar with. This past week we started out with mid-high 40’s but temperatures started falling as we shifted towards the end of the week, especially today (2/16/2024) just almost hitting that below freezing temperature of 31°F, giving us that winter weather advisory. 40%->100% chance of snowfall for today as well as a 100% chance of precipitation mainly after 11am. Snow giving us possibly 1-3 inches possible. For tonight the chances of snow decrease to 30% with temperatures falling to a low of 17°F.

Looking at this weekend into the next week we’re looking at more warm and sunny weather. Saturday starts out freezing cold with low low temperatures with winds ranging from 10-15 mph. But Sunday is when those temperature will start to rise. Going into the week we’re looking at warm temperatures starting in the low 40’s and then reaching high 50’s throughout the week maybe even potentially 60’s?! Hang in there cardinals, the weather is bound to get better despite the snowy cold we’re bearing through today and tomorrow, just remember it always gets better!

-Cardinal Weather Service Weather Forecaster Rachel Fulton-

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