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Cold with Sunshine Returning


A lot of cities throughout the country saw temperatures below freezing this morning. Areas in northern Illinois saw temperatures as low as 15 below zero! This in part is due to the jet stream dipping far down into the country and bringing us colder air from the north. As for here, temperatures will not warm up much throughout the day. The high will be around 8 degrees with skies staying mostly clear through the day. There were some precipitation chances earlier this morning, but we will remain dry for the day.

Along with the cold temperatures, our wind chill values are well below zero. This is due to strong sustained winds and wind gusts as of now. This has put us under a Wind Chill Advisory until 12 PM today and another one will be issued at 9 PM later tonight. If you have to walk to class or walk to work, be sure and put several layers on before leaving the house today. If you are driving, be sure to take time to let the car warm up and dust any snow/ice off the car.

–Weather Forecasters Rachel/Lance

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