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Spring Temperatures on Their Way!!!!

The winter temperatures are finally coming near its end. Spring is surely on its way with warmer temperatures, blooms, and lots of rain. But why does it happen around March 20th of every year? Let’s find out!!!

Spring begins on the vernal equinox, which happens around the 20th of March every year. This essentially means that we experience equal lengths of day and night. This happens because the sun crosses the equator going from south to north. The earth still has its 23.5 degree tilt, but the equator is not pointed away or toward the sun. However, following this equinox, the days do incrementally get longer while the nights get shorter. Hence, why the days at the end of spring are longer than when spring started.

For Muncie, IN this list is how spring temperatures will range on a monthly basis (for the most part):

  • March — 50s
  • April — 60s
  • May –70s,year%20in%20the%20Northern%20Hemisphere.

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