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Storm Chasing


Storm chasing is the act of locating areas where severe weather (sometimes tornadoes) is going to occur. This can be a hobby or something to do research on. You can collect lots of data and draw meaningful conclusions about the weather. This can lead to various results such as an increase in your knowledge about severe weather to using the data to increase warning times and saving lives.  

This field is growing at a fast rate. Since 2004, the storm chasing opportunities in the job market has grown to 22% across the country. In addition, this growth rate is expected to grow around 4% each year. If you are interested in storm chasing, look for field work as a climatologist or meteorologist. These opportunities can be available through the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), Storm Prediction Center (SPC), The Weather Channel, and Accuweather (to name a few).  

In addition to the professional sector, you can get a meteorology degree from a college or university. This can lead to career opportunities in meteorology research or at a private weather company. This will help you improve your skills and pursue your interest in storm chasing.  


Provided by: Gavin Gunder and Sami Hernandez Lemus

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