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7-day Forecast 2/23 – 2/27/2023: Indiana, What Season Do We Want?

A five-day forecast that looks like lotto numbers? Just like Staples, “Yeah, we’ve got that!”

Good Midday beautiful human beans of Muncieland and beyond! Are you enjoying these 60s (presently 63° as of this article’s writing)? We here at the Cardinal Weather Service hope that you are out savoring them, as there’s a big change during the afternoon you want to be wary of – after 1 pm, we get a wind shift to roll through along a powerful cold front that will cause our temperatures to plummet quickly through the evening. There should be some increasing clouds as we get through the afternoon and evening hours too as this front passes, so double your reason to savor the sun!! We should stabilize things as the jet stream – the river of air that separates the warm and cold air masses & directs storms’ paths- flattens out and even starts to build a bit of a ridge through the weekend. This should help stabilize our high temperatures as we head on through the weekend and into next week, where winds pick up out of the SW ahead of what promises to be a potent storm system we’re keeping our eyes on. That looks to bring back the 60s we’re enjoying now, but get ready for a pattern change further out beyond this system as data is beginning to indicate a downward trend in our average temperature. While still above average following the system, the jet pattern could change as certain things we weather forecasters watch for longer-range effects on the jet stream (atmospheric teleconnections such as the North Atlantic Oscillation & the Arctic Oscillation among others) look to position the jet stream for more wintry impacts during the beginning of March potentially. The end of winter and the beginning of spring is often a volatile period in Midwest weather, so keep it tuned here as we monitor those crazy changes! Fly safe, Cardinals!

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