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Significant February Snowstorms

There have been several big snowstorms in the past 20 years that have occurred in the state of Indiana. Many of which are pretty memorable with some being ones that may have been forgotten about. Here are examples of a few of them.

The Groundhog Snowstorm of 2022
A major snowstorm impacted Indiana bringing heavy snowfall amounts of 6 and more inches fell across Indiana from February 2nd-early on February 4th with the highest totals being observed in northern Indiana. Some areas picked up over 17 inches of snow. Throughout the snow storm, travel was restricted in many areas of Indiana as a result of the snowstorm. The storm would also bring reduced visibility, dangerous conditions on the roads, and caused loss of power. This storm led to Ball State University shutting down in-person classes on February 3rd and 4th as a result of the snowstorm.

Snowfall totals map showing the amount of snowfall which fell in Northern Indiana between February 2-4, 2022. (Source: NWS)

Presidents’ Day Snowstorm of 2021
A huge snowstorm impacted Indiana on February 15th, bringing significant amounts of 4-9 inches of snow across Indiana. Indianapolis itself received 9 inches of snow. Throughout the duration of the snowstorm, gusty winds were observed with blowing snow. Around 8.2 inches of snow was observed at Ball State University prompting class delays the very next day on February 16th.

Snow falling at the NWS office in Indianapolis on February 15, 2021. (Source: NWS)

The Groundhog Day Ice Storm/Snowstorm of 2011

A significant ice and snow storm impacted Indiana from January 31st-February 2nd, especially northern Indiana, bringing blizzard-like conditions, blowing and drifting snow, significant ice totals to central Indiana. Ice accumulations of over an inch or greater was recorded in some parts of the state. Yorktown, which is near Muncie ended up receiving over an inch of ice from the storm. Power lines and tree limbs were downed all across the state as a result of the significant storm.

Heavy snowfall falling in northwest Indiana during the Groundhog Day Blizzard. (Source: Rachel)

Valentines’ Day of Snowstorm of 2007
A major snowstorm impacted Indiana just 2 days shy of Valentines’ Day bringing heavy snowfall and some ice to the area from late on February 12th through 14th. The storm would significant snowfall amounts of over a foot in some areas. Lafayette would end up seeing the highest totals with the area receiving 17 inches of snow. Around Muncie, 11 inches of snow was recorded over the area with 8.5 inches being measured around Indianapolis. In fact in Indianapolis, the snow was ongoing in Indiana for 30 straight hours before it ceased! The snow and winds would cause snow drifts and major problems for drivers too, especially north of I-70!

Messy roads in Indianapolis during the Valentines’ Day snowstorm of 2007. (Source: NWS)

Late-February Snowstorm of 2003
A significant snowstorm impacted portions of central and eastern Indiana bringing significant snowfall. Heavy snowfall amounts of near a foot of snow was observed over portions of northeast Indiana! The snowfall was also mixed in with freezing rain and rain at times which may have skewed the totals for the snowfall amounts. Over 6 inches of snowfall was observed in Indianapolis.

Snow totals from the February 22-23, 2003 snowstorm in Northern Indiana. (Source: NWS)

Overall, February has been known to be notorious for the significant snowstorms that have occurred the years in Indiana. Could we see a repeat of that this year in February 2023, it is possible.


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