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Dropping Temperatures and Breezy

Good afternoon everyone! We are sitting quite warm right now at 58 degrees. Temperatures are going to quickly drop as we move through the next few hours. We will be going from the 60s into the lower 40s by later today. Winds will increase as we move into the afternoon as well. Wind gusts up to 60 mph will be possible. The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning until 7PM EST. This warning just says to stay away from trees and power lines because they could fall due to these fast winds.

As far as precipitation goes, this system has moved out of the area for the most part. We are left with some rain chances for the next few hours through around 3 PM. Isolated showers will impact us throughout the next few hours. The reason for this large temperature drop is because of a warm front that was attached to the low pressure and then the cold front that followed quickly behind the warm front. Our temperatures warmed up, especially last night and into this morning. Now, this cold front is going to drop our temperatures throughout the day.

Hopefully you were able to enjoy these warm temperatures for the short time they were here! Have a great day today!

-Weather Forecaster Rachel Stinger

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