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Why Locating Yourself on a Map is Important

“What about XXXX?” This is something meteorologists frequently hear during an event. This is because people don’t know where they are on a map. Ironically meteorologists use maps, and people ask about their city, when they need to know where they are regardless.

Why it is Helpful

While meteorologists will often discuss locations ahead of a storm, other locations may not be mentioned. They may not be focused on one storm due to them being busy with multiple storms or a tornado warning. You shouldn’t have to wait to hear from your local meteorologist to take cover, when you should already be undercover. If a warning is issued and you are out of power, you need to know what location are in the path of a storm, and if you are nearby. If a meteorologist doesn’t do an emergency broadcast, you need to figure out your location in proximity to the warning that was issued.

How Meteorologists Feel About This

James Spann, meteorologist for ABC 33/40 had a discussion over the inability of some to locate themselves on a map.


Where to Look

To start, pull up a map of Indiana. On the side, have a map of your county. Find your county in the state, and then estimate where that city may be. It may take a bit to memorize, but knowing your location is key. It saves yourself time in the future so when a warning is issued, you know exactly where to go.


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