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Mmh Another SunWich

GOOD MORNING to all the dancing alone peeps, Kirby fans, stressed workers, waffle makers, and everyone else.

Today is expected to be pretty sunny, although it’ll be on the chiller side of things with a high of 40℉. Not the best day for having a picnic, but no one will stop you from having one except yourself!

Tuesday is expected to be mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain, so grab your coat, just in case. Especially for later in the day, since over Tuesday night the chance for rain increases to 50%.

Wednesday is just a 40% chance of rain that increases to 90% at night. So you’ll definitely need your coat and ever your umbrella that night. Although be careful with that umbrella, cause its gonna be a little windy. There is good news for you warm temperature lovers; there is an expected high of 73℉!

Thursday decided to copy Wednesday’s rain, expect it lowered the chance to 30%. It also decided it didn’t want a lot of rain over night and kept its 30% chance. The rain should also wean off as the night progresses. This is also when temperatures start to dip back down, with the high being 51℉.

Friday will be partly sunny, with a high of 46℉. Basically like today with slightly more clouds and a slight increase in temperature.

Enjoy the sunny sandwich, part 2!

-Forecaster: Laura Conrad

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