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Cold and Rainy will Lead to A Freeze Tonight

Hello everyone and good evening! Can you believe it that it was 70°F at 1:00 AM this morning? A big difference in terms of the weather, most certainly and active day in the weather department. The cold front that brought us rain for much of the day today left behind significantly cooler air in it’s wake. Temperatures have been in a free fall today, as the time you are reading this today, more than likely will be the low temperature for today. As of 2:30 pm in Muncie it is 50°F with surrounding areas mainly to the north and east of Muncie in the 40’s already. The rain and cold temperatures today was a result of a cold front a deep polar vortex up in northern Canada that has pushed in much cooler temperatures to the area and around a quarter inch of rain along with it.

The cold is here to stay for tonight and for the foreseeable future. Tonight the skies will clear out from overcast conditions to a mostly clear skies tonight and any lingering rain chances will disappear as the cold front continues to track further east. The clearing skies and relatively light west winds tonight will bring us widespread frost and likely a freeze tonight into tomorrow morning. With our forecasted low of 32°F, certainly areas Muncie points north will see a freeze tonight no doubt about it. For areas south of Muncie a freeze is still very likely as it could get 32°F if not colder in isolated pockets tonight. Our friends from the National Weather Service in Indianapolis has issued freeze warnings all the way down to southern Indiana for tonight. So if anyone out there still has growing plants or crops outside I think now is the time to move them indoors or harvested because certainly any plants outside that isn’t resistant to temperatures below 32°F will for a fact be killed or will not grow anymore after tonight.

For tomorrow morning I hope that everyone has their cold weather gear ready because it might be in use. Temperatures around freezing in the morning and a light west wind of 5-10 mph will make it feel cold out there as you walk out the door in the morning. Windchill values will be in the in the upper 20s in the early morning hours by far the coldest windchill we have seen this season.

–CWS Forecaster: Ben Waggoner–

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