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Warm and Dry Evening (October 8th, 2020 Evening Forecast)

Yet again today we have another very warm and very dry day today in the Muncie area. Humidity values dropping to as low as 20% as of this evening and dry conditions aloft have created a cloudless day out there today. Yet again the dry heat that we’ve been experiencing has made temperatures warmer than the previously forecasted high of 75°F today. As of 2pm at the Muncie airport, it was 76°F with a light wind of 5 mph with the directions of the wind varying. I think that it will continue to get warmer today like yesterday (where we hit 83°F). We might hit 80°F at some time today due to the dry air making the air easier to warm and cool down compared to a normal day. To make the forecast conservative, the high for today has been adjusted from 75°F to 77°F.

It will continue to be very much cloud free tonight and with the air easier to warm up it will be easier to cool down. The temperature will drop 20° from our current conditions to our forecasted 11pm temperature of 56°F. So it may be deceiving with how warm it is now but make sure if you’re venturing out late tonight into tomorrow morning that it will be chilly with lows in the upper 40’s. So for those who want to escape the city and to try to your hand at star-gazing tonight would be a good night to do it, just make sure your wear a jacket or sweatshirt because it will get cool tonight. Tomorrow morning’s low is currently 48°F, however just like our high temperature in a dry air mass, it could get colder than what is currently forecasted.

Evening Forecast by: CWS Forecaster– Ben Waggoner–

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