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Scattered showers throughout the evening

Quite a wet day, the rain has been falling for most of the afternoon hours but on radar as of 2:15 pm we might be getting a small break from the rain for the time being but we’re not done with the rain for the evening. The rain is being more of a bother than anything else according to the observation station at the Muncie airport just north of town. The observation station currently reporting just 0.01″ of rain for the day so far. Compare that to Indianapolis which has gotten anywhere from 0.20″ to almost 0.50″ of rain in places. Maybe the very dry air that we had yesterday may have to do with us getting such little rain.

Rain will be more scattered this evening than the occasional steady rain foretasted this morning. Showers if they do come over the area will have more heavier rainfall rates and will add some more meaningful rainfall to our totals. By tonight we expect that rain to move out and we should have a nice beautiful morning tomorrow morning with lows starting out in the mid 40s and highs in the 60’s. Right where we should be this time of year.

-CWS Forecaster: Ben Waggoner

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