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Beautiful as Advertised!

Good afternoon everyone out there! The cover image for today’s evening forecast segment shows the visible satellite imagery for the area shows how clear it actually across the area. Almost all of the state not even seeing a cloud in the sky currently as our weather is influenced by an upper ridge of high pressure centered over the Indiana/Illinois state line.

We’ve warmed up nicely today as of 2pm at the airport just north of Muncie it was 56°F! Getting very close to our original foretasted high of 59°F with the sun out there’s a chance we could break in the 60’s in the warmer spots today. Winds mostly just a light north breeze at 6 mph at it’s strongest so far today. The pleasant weather is expected to continue into the overnight hours into tomorrow with just a hint of cloud cover with temperatures dropping into the 40’s by midnight setting up for another seasonal morning we’ll start off the Friday morning with a low of 38°F.

-CWS Forecaster- Ben Waggoner

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