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Wintry and COLD weekend ahead

Weekend forecast for Muncie, Indiana


Happy Friday Cardinals! Who’s ready for the extra long weekend! Unfortunately, it seems like winter is finally upon us, at least for now! Beginning tonight, we are going to see a storm system move through that will bring all types of precipitation to our area. Beginning with snow around 10pm, it will transition through a mix of freezing rain or sleet before midnight, and then likely be all rain by 4am. Regardless, road conditions will deteriorate quickly as wintry precip falls, in whatever form it comes in. Overnight tonight, we reach 30°F for the low. As the night progresses, temperatures will increase and cause only rain to fall after that.


On Saturday, I expect rain to fall through much of the day, and into the afternoon. From there, rain will slowly taper off after 4pm. The high temperature will reach near 50°F. Once the rain stops on Saturday, temperatures will DROP SHARPLY into the teens just after midnight. This will likely cause a flash freeze of all the rain from that day, so be aware that slick conditions will likely be present for the second straight evening. The low on Saturday night is 11°F. There will also be a strong wind present, which will add on to the effect of the cold temperatures in terms of wind chill. Winds will be coming out of the West at 20-25 mph with gusts around 35-40 mph. This will cause wind chill values to be in the single digits and even below zero at times. BUNDLE UP if you must be out during the night and morning Sunday.


Sunday, temperatures start out COLD and don’t get any better during the day. Temps will begin in the low teens and possibly single digits, with wind chills below zero as winds will still be coming out of the West at 20-25 mph with gusts at or above 35 mph. The high temperature on Sunday will only be a cold 18°F, and windy conditions will make it feel colder than that through the course of the day. Make sure you are dressed in multiple layers if you must be out on Sunday!

–Cardinal Weather Service Forecaster Jordan Wolfe

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