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Why did we get so much rain? And why was it so warm?

If you didn’t notice, we got a lot of rain. We got a lot of rain and with it, a lot of flooding. The Muncie area looks to be an an area that got over 3 inches of rain through Friday and Saturday.

So, why did we get go much rain? Isn’t is January? Shouldn’t we be getting cold and snow instead of 60-degree temperatures and all this rain?

Essentially, we had a deepening low pressure to our west, which aided in bringing strong winds into the area. These winds were southerly, which brought the warm, spring-like temperatures into the area. In addition to bringing a taste of spring, these winds also pulled low-level moisture from the Gulf Coast and the strong winds in association with the low to the west, helped funnel even more moisture in! This brought us some very heavy rainfall and pretty impressive rainfall totals, as well as flooding!

Forecaster Maggie Warren

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