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Thunderstorms, Followed By Warm Temperatures Tonight

Tonight will involve rain and heat, as warm fronts to the north of us, combined with a warm air mass in Indiana, lead to high rain chances. As of now, a thunderstorm is rolling through Muncie, bringing gusts of 30 mph. These showers will stick around until after 5 pm, and pop-up showers will be possible even after 8 pm. Since these showers will bring some heavy gusts and rain, make sure to be careful outside tonight. Additionally, after experiencing our high of 96, temperatures in the upper-80s will stick around after 8 pm, staying above 80 even by 11 pm. Due to the high humidity and high temperatures, heat indexes in the 90s are possible this evening. In other words, tonight will be really warm and rainy. Definitely make sure to take some rain gear as you travel home, and make sure to drink lots of water and stay cool tonight.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams