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Rainy Rush Hour, Followed By Calm Night

We’ll start out with a rainy evening, before giving way to clear skies and cool temperatures. This comes as the cold front that brought the rain showers and cloudy skies to Indiana moves east and is replaced by a high-pressure system moving in. Already, rain showers are impacting areas north of Muncie, and by 5 pm, some of these rain showers will likely be in the viewing area. Temperatures will still be in the low-60s, and winds will still be gusty, with some gusts exceeding 30 mph, so make sure to tighten down loose objects and drive safely.

By 8 pm, however, those showers will likely be gone, and we’ll start seeing calmer conditions. By 11 pm, winds will have died down dramatically, and we’ll have clear skies. However, temperatures in the low-50s will make tonight feel cool. In short, definitely bring a jacket with you for tonight and make sure to drive safely.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams