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At least it isn’t THIS cold…

This day, in 1899, it was cold. VERY cold. Records for modern times were shattered at the time as most of the Nation reached 0°F or lower at one point in time between February 1st-14th. Temperature highlights from across the nation on this day (February 12th) in 1899: -8 degrees below zero in Fort Worth TX, and to 22 degrees below zero in Kansas City MO. The temperature at Camp Clarke, NE plunged to 47 degrees below zero to establish a record for the state. In the eastern U.S., Washington D.C. hit 15 degrees below zero. Temperatures across the country remained cold, and colder for nearly two weeks before the cold spell finally let up. Mind you, this was in 1899, before modern heating systems were in place, so this was a DANGEROUS cold spell that lasted for almost two whole weeks. Even places in Florida reached temperatures below zero! Florida of all places. All this talk of cold, just be glad that we here in Indiana aren’t this cold right now! Spring is coming soon, just hang in there!

–Cardinal Weather Service Forecaster Jordan Wolfe

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