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What is wind chill?

So, as of now, much of Indiana, including our area, is under a wind chill advisory, from 11 AM today to 1 PM tomorrow. Obviously, this means that we’re expecting some really cool temperatures. But what, exactly, is wind chill?

Put in simple terms, wind chill is what the temperature “feels like.” Normally, the human body emits heat in the form of a “heat bubble,” and this bubble helps a person feel warm. What happens with wind chill is that when air moves, via wind, the cooler air associated with it perturbs this bubble, effectively exposing the person to the full effects of the cold. Think of how blowing air on top of a spoon full of soup cools the soup down. Since stronger winds move more cool air around, stronger winds mean cooler wind chills.

Since wind chills take precious heat from the human body, this can make people more susceptible to suffering from the cold. The best way to combat wind chill, if one is outside, is to wear lots of layers, such as a thick jacket, in order to trap the heat inside the body.

Moral of the story? For tonight, make sure you’re bundled up.

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