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Driving Safety Tips for Winter Weather

Last Saturday, Indiana received several inches of snowfall, which might have brought fun for many Hoosiers who were wanting snowfall. But it also caused problems, namely on the roads. Multiple car accidents took place as the storm moved through.

Now, as another potential winter storm is expected to move into our area, it’s important to know just what to do if and when it arrives, particularly if you have to drive in the weather.

The first step is to make sure that your car is weather-ready. Make sure that all of your car’s essentials – its batteries, the windshield wipers, tires, etc. – all function properly. Make sure that your car also contains supplies, such as a car charger, blankets and extra clothes, non-perishable snacks and drinks. This will make being trapped in a car, for long periods of time, less of a hassle. Finally, make sure that your car’s gas tank is full, in case you need to drive for a long time.

When on the road, make sure to drive more slowly than usual. Take your time when driving, and keep an eye out for anything unusual when driving in winter weather. Make sure to keep a greater-than-usual distance from other drivers to allow for more braking.

Finally, if involved in a major accident, make sure to get out of the situation if possible and call 911, and make sure to avoid distracted driving as much as possible, especially since winter weather can make accidents more likely.

These are just the basics of staying safe when driving on those wintry roads. Let’s stay safe when driving around this weekend.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams

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