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Fall Weather Has Returned Once Again

Fall temperatures has made its comeback after a couple weeks of summer temperatures interrupted the fall temperatures that we had before. With temperatures back in the low 50s, other signs that start happening is wind chills and frost. Today’s temperature’s are expected to only reach a high of 53 with winds gusting up to 22 mph. These gust can create wind chill temperatures that are in the upper 40s. The other sign is frost. When temperatures get this cool and humidity levels are high, the moisture the humidity in the air freezes over overnight when temperatures reach their lowest and create a thin layer of frozen ice. The reason for this returning cooler air is our jet stream is taking a slight dip creating a trough and bringing more the colder North air from Canada and the North pole to head south. Typically, the jet stream fluctuates throughout the year and near the fall and winter season, the jet stream makes a more meridional flow creating these troughs and ridges which can fluctuate the weather temperatures more.


– Cardinal Weather Service Forecaster Chris

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