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Cool and Sunny Evening

Good evening everyone! Bright, sunny, and noticeably cool was the “name of the game” today! Those who woke up and headed out the door around 7am were greeted to widespread frost, you may have noticed it if you had to drive to work or classes today trying to scrape off the frost of the windows of your respected vehicle this morning. Muncie’s low dropped to 28°F this morning, with the winds also being calm ths created a recipe for widespread frost, certainly the most widespread of what is going to be the 2020-2021 winter weather season. The frost didn’t stay for long as Sunny skies and variable wind melted any frost left this morning, warming nicely into the low to mid 50’s in some cases today. Muncie currently at 52°F as of 2:30 pm with almost perfectly clear skies. A noticeable chill in the air can be felt today feeling breezy at times this afternoon with a 12 mph South wind being felt around 2pm this afternoon, producing a wind chill of 48°F. When the wind wasn’t blowing it felt wonderful out there with the full sunshine.

We have beaten our forecasted high here in Muncie today, and expect it to get a little bit warmer in the next hour or so before the sun goes down and the temperatures begin to fall. Expect the high to get up another degree to 53°F in Muncie, maybe a bit warmer than that in some isolated spots. High pressure dominates the weather for today and for the rest of the evening. However the weather after midnight becomes a little bit uncertain as upper trough north of the Great Lakes will create considerable cloudiness as well as a shift in the wind direction from what should generally from the south and east to a variable wind at about 5 to 10 mph. The air today and tonight is going to be very dry, however if the trough extends far enough south we may have to look out for a light sprinkle or two after midnight tonight. Right now it doesn’t look likely than any precipitation will fall, however we will introduce a slight chance precipitation if moisture is sufficient enough for anything to fall. If the moisture does indeed suffice we may indeed see sprinkles and or snow flurries for Muncie and areas point northward during the overnight hours. With the clouds in play for tonight with the upper trough we should see lows a touch warmer than this morning of 33°F. Warmer than this morning but cold enough to be around that magically 32°F number of where we can see some snow flurries flying around during the pre-dawn hours tomorrow morning. Let’s not get crazy though if any precipitation falls at all with will not amount to much not even enough melted precipitation to record. Most if not all of us will not even notice that it rained or snowed if it indeed does tomorrow morning.

-CWS Forecaster: Ben Waggoner-