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Possibly Soggy Overnight

Good evening everyone out there! The sun has been mainly out for a majority of the day today but you might have noticed an increase in clouds as the afternoon when on. As of 2 pm it was 46 F. Still quite windy with a northwest wind at 13 mph gusting to 26 producing a windchill of 40 F. We should expect the winds to die down as we enter the early evening hours. The increase of clouds comes with the increasing chance of a cold rain tonight into tomorrow. With temperatures dropping close to freezing tonight we should see a good chance for for some snow to mix in with the snow in the overnight early evening hours. Don’t expect the snow to cause much problems it will not stick to the surface at all. The rain isn’t supposed to be very heavy at all as well if you do need to make any essential travel make sure to take a rain jacket or umbrella for the late evening into early morning hours tomorrow.

-CWS Forecaster: Ben Waggoner